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Creating continued growth for conscious leaders & business owners



Having a coach with a skillset such as yours is a must for me. It's like having Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra all in one coach working directly with you. So I can't express enough just how effective this has been for me.


The world needs more Barry Drews in it. 

Liam O'Doherty


Do you like having FUN?


Are willing to gain the reward of consistent effort?


Are you open to being challenged?


Are you prepared to be real and honest with yourself?


Are you open to connecting to your heart?


Do want to expand your consciousness? 


And most importantly do want to GROW?



If you answered yes… 


G.R.O.W. is for you :)

Here’s the truth.



Growth can be painful.



Here’s another truth.



Not growing can be EVEN MORE painful!

One area of your life may be growing but another may be stuck, stagnating or suffering.



It doesn’t need to be this way.



It is possible AVOID:



Sabotaging your relationships



Sacrificing your health



Killing your dreams


Being held prisoner to your past 




Whether you’re a leader, a business owner or a person who wants to step into these roles you know that YOU are key to how you lead or run your life and your business.


You also know that how you LEAD and how you LIVE both impacts and influences your results and your relationships BOTH your personal and professional life.



The G.R.O.W. coaching program is NOT designed to tell you what you should do and how you should grow.


It IS designed for those who truly desire to GROW mentally, emotionally and spiritually both personally and professionally in a way that they are both ALIGNED and CONNECTED to.



In order to not only GROW but sustain your growth sound and solid foundations are required.



Together over a six month period we will do just that.






“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job”


Jim Rohn




The G.R.O.W program is designed to assist you in creating the optimal conditions for you to grow your:



Relationship with SELF



Relationships with others









Remember the deeper you go the more you can GROW!






Give – with grace & gratitude to yourself, your relationships, your business/work




Receive - with grace & gratitude from yourself, your relationships, your business/work




Overcome – past/current mental/emotional obstacles and transform them into opportunities for growth




Wield – your personal power to uplift & energise yourself, your relationships, business/work by raising your consciousness




During our 6 months working together we will start with where you are right now in your life and create a roadmap of where you want to go, how you want to be.



Don’t worry you’re not locked into this forever! As you change your vision, values and dreams may change too.



We’ll identify what’s priority for you and take it from there.



This program is bespoke to you and your needs.



What I can guarantee you though is that we will work with:



Belief Systems – how to change, challenge and create




Core Values – identify, align and integrate




Dream Building – align & connect




Emotional Intelligence – harness power of emotions to GROW




Goal Alignment – create goals that connect to your heart




Connection & Communication – develop & deepen with Self & others

Consciousness Expansion - your very own "Energy Gym"




Over the years I’ve built a transformational toolkit to help support people in creating lasting change in their life.



Coaching is at the core of this program but I do weave other modalities/techniques into our work together (when appropriate of course). Some include shamanic drumming and healing, family constellations and consciousness expanding exercises, NLP, hypnosis and breathwork.





I believe your heart knows what’s best for you ( it doesn’t mean that’s what’s best for us is always straight forward though!).



I believe that (and have experienced it) when you listen to the inner whispers of your heart how you GROW and in what direction you GROW takes on a new meaning and purpose.



I believe in the power of each individual making what is the best decision for them at any given moment.



I believe that conversations can be both powerful and meaningful.



I believe all growth starts with connection.



My offer to you?



A conversation.



A call to connect with each other and where we both get to decide if the G.R.O.W program is aligned with you and your needs at this time.



To Your Infinite Growth,







G.R.O.W. Program Outline:



  • 2 x 60 min 1-1 sessions per month (online/in person)


  • 3 x 'Dig Deep'  sessions - 4 hours approx (month 1, 3 & 6)


  • Monthly bespoke recorded meditation/hypnosis /healing


  • Mon - Fri WhatsApp access - allow 24 hours for response within business hours




1st session


This is where we’ll take an overview of where you are,  what’s working for you, what’s not, your challenges and areas you wish to focus on.


We’ll create roadmap for the next 6 months and use this as our reference point moving forward.




Moving Forward


At end of each month we will:



Reflect on the month using the GLOW & GROW method (explained on the program)


Review roadmap: Align and Connect with the projected path for month ahead.



Life can change very quickly so we’ll embrace what comes up as you go and grow :)





Investment:  €549 per month 


or save €300 when pay in full 

( €3000 )

Ready to join G.R.O.W. and elevate your leadership?


Enter your info below 

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