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Work With Me

Here's something I truly believe:  life is meant to feel good. We are designed to have fun, experience joy and healthy growth. No matter what age or stage you're at, I am certain that you have the capacity to change, to choose to grow and find a harmonious path towards achieving your goals. Browse my services below to see how we can work together.


5 Week Personal Transformation

A weekly 1-1 session in person/via zoom held over five weeks. An energetic container where we focus on a specific area you want to grow and heal from.

Sitting by the Lake

1 Day Personal Transformation

Working with individuals who are ready to go deep, move beyond their current challenges, raise their consciousness and live purpose in one intense day long session.

Life coaching

Child & Teen

1-1 Coaching & Counselling for Parents, Children & Teenagers

Providing the tools, strategies and guidance to better navigate adolescent challenges.

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