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 Focused solely on you and clearing to past/present blocks or limitations



If you’re ready to go deep and take your personal development to the next level, then the time is now.

Experience a behind the scenes look at the hidden dynamics within the family constellations model.

  • Move from being stuck to fluidity

  • Discover key hidden dynamics holding you back

  • Resolve lingering emotional pain

  • Overcome limiting fears and frustrations

This workshop is designed to help you develop, grow and flow  authentically in your life from the inside out.

The Workshop

The Family Constellations workshop is focused solely on you and clearing to past/present blocks or limitations.

It is based on the inspirational work of Bert Hellinger, whose profound approach acknowledges, respects and gently redirects the deeply embedded forces and dynamics in the family system. All members of the family, including adoptees and those who are absent through death or separation, are energetically present in the family structure and affect other members. Similarly, the suppressed emotions of past family members are also present and may be carried by others. Unresolved issues that have been deeply buried in the unconscious are revealed and healed in this simple, yet astonishingly powerful process. You'll be connecting deeper with your body, its intelligence and the collective field that we are connected with. 

A REPRESENTATIVE will embody the energy of a family member, place, person, animal or a concept of something like a dream, feeling, etc. In this position people often notice a resonance in their way of being, adopt body language or gestures of the person they're representing, similarities in the relationship dynamic they find themselves in or/and realise that the constellation they are included in has similar traumas as their greater family. It can be a deep somatic healing experience participating in this way.

Being a WITNESS is an important part as it can give you a new perspective on a dynamic in your family system, this new perspective may be enough for you to shift and allow other people to find healthier alignment as to where they belong. Witnessing someone else's process may bring healing to your own family, ancestors and future generations, whilst supporting the other people in your groups healing journeys as they transition into new ways of being.

Whether, you are the person bringing in your healing process or joining as a representative or/and witness, everything seems to fall into greater alignment as we allow the field to reveal itself. You often receive insights, visions and shifts in your vibration in any of the positions that you participate in.

This worksop is for those who want to:

  • Struggle less and have more flow in your life

  • Feel more balanced and at peace

  • Feel a greater sense of belonging

  • Open your heart to receive more love

  • Feel more ranges of feelings

  • Live a healthier and more joyful life

  • Attract more money

  • Have more clarity, courage and focus

  • Open to your life's purpose

  • Experience a deeper connection within

  • Have healthier relationships

  • Attract a romantic partner

  • Heal deep traumas and wounds from anytime in your life including childhood, family, ancestral and transgenerational

  • Heal addictions

If you have any questions please see below or if would like to book. I look forward to welcoming you.

Ready to go commit?

  • How many sessions do you recommend?
    When working with children and teenagers for offer a 3 session programme. I found this to be beneficial in creating and anchoring in the desired change. There are circumstances where the child will benefit from further sessions but that is advised on an individual basis.
  • How long are sessions?
    Allow up to 60 mins for sessions
  • Do parent/guardians need to be present?
    For all children under 18 attending in person I require a parent of guardian to attend. For online sessions written consent is required for teenagers 16 and above. Parents/guardians are welcome to join online sessions.
  • What happens during a session?
    For in person sessions we first clarify primary reason for attending. As I provide an integrative approach I may work through the physical body using specific techniques to recalibrate and release stress in nervous system ( craniosacral, kinesiology, PRRT) alongside coaching and psychotherapeutic techniques. For online sessions primarily coaching, psychotherapy, NLP and hypnosis will be used when appropriate.
  • What should I expect for my child post session?
    Each session is acts catalyst to bring the nervous system back into balance. In some cases it may appear initially that presenting symptoms and behaviours are worsening. However this is generally that bodies way of releasing stored physical, emotional and mental stress – this is a good thing in the long run!
  • I’m not sure if you can help my child, how can I find out?
    Simple fill out contact form below/(whatsapp) and we’ll set up a clarity call to ensure if or how I can help your child.
  • I’m a stressed out parent – can you help?
    Yes, it is always beneficial when a parent/guardian engages in their own personal growth especially when there may be issues arising for you child. How you process your stress has a great impact on how you relate and engage with stressful situations, particularly within the family. You can find out more here if you wish to go on your own growth journey
  • How much is it to attend?
    Three session programme is €300 – payment plan available One off session is €120


Success Stories

At the end of the session I felt relief, like I could finally let go.  So thank you for creating that space where we could all experience that.


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