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Set Yourself Free

I help you grow from where you are now to where you want to be

Become your own Natural Leader

Hi, I'm Barry

I work with people who are ready to transform their life from within. Your past or current challenges are not your future. I help my clients shift their internal perception and focus to overcome and grow from their challenges.


Self – sabotaging?


Struggling with your past?

Longing for connection?

Stuck in a rut?

Relationship problems?


If you relate to any of these - you're in the right place.


I know them all intimately. You see the exact things I help my clients with are the same things I’ve overcome myself.


There was a time when I both thought and felt things would never change no matter how hard I tried. Thankfully I was wrong!


It turns out that with the appropriate help and guidance (and a willingness do the work) transformation is possible. I just needed to acknowledge and address what was happening on the inside (mind, heart, soul) to begin to see progress in my life.


Transformation is possible for you too – no matter where you are in your life.


Within you is the power to change, heal and grow.


Within you is the power to release your past, raise your consciousness and realise your dreams.

Are you ready to begin?

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Meet Barry

Passionate about human behaviour, growth, spirituality and the psychology of success, for over 15 years I’ve had the priviledge of working with parents, children, business owners, leaders and athletes not only overcome their personal challenges but grow from them. My own growth journey has led me to study psychotherapy to shamanism, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to craniosacral therapy amongst many other learning adventures. I’m a firm believer in the best mode of change is the one that works best for each individual.

Work With Me

Here's something I truly believe:  life is meant to feel good. We are designed to have fun, experience joy and healthy growth. No matter what age or stage you're at, I am certain that you have the capacity to change, to grow and find a harmonious path towards achieving your goals. Browse my services below to see how we can work together.

Sitting by the Lake

1 Day Personal Transformation

Life coaching

Child & Teen


Check out The Barry Drew Podcast where we discuss mindset, personal development and entrepreneurship. If you’re interested in growth both personally and professionally I welcome you to dive right in and see what you can learn from leaders in their chosen field!

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Success Stories

After attending the 1 Day personal transformation I felt light and energetic. my focus is clearer and everything I have been working towards has started to happen. Barry is a beautiful soul with a unique gift. If you would like to release some blocked emotions, book yourself a session with him


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