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Create & Anchor
Lasting Change

This programme is designed to help you create and anchor lasting change

  • How many sessions do you recommend?
    When working with children and teenagers for offer a 3 session programme. I found this to be beneficial in creating and anchoring in the desired change. There are circumstances where the child will benefit from further sessions but that is advised on an individual basis.
  • How long are sessions?
    Allow up to 60 mins for sessions
  • Do parent/guardians need to be present?
    For all children under 18 attending in person I require a parent of guardian to attend. For online sessions written consent is required for teenagers 16 and above. Parents/guardians are welcome to join online sessions.
  • What happens during a session?
    For in person sessions we first clarify primary reason for attending. As I provide an integrative approach I may work through the physical body using specific techniques to recalibrate and release stress in nervous system ( craniosacral, kinesiology, PRRT) alongside coaching and psychotherapeutic techniques. For online sessions primarily coaching, psychotherapy, NLP and hypnosis will be used when appropriate.
  • What should I expect for my child post session?
    Each session is acts catalyst to bring the nervous system back into balance. In some cases it may appear initially that presenting symptoms and behaviours are worsening. However this is generally that bodies way of releasing stored physical, emotional and mental stress – this is a good thing in the long run!
  • I’m not sure if you can help my child, how can I find out?
    Simple fill out contact form below/(whatsapp) and we’ll set up a clarity call to ensure if or how I can help your child.
  • I’m a stressed out parent – can you help?
    Yes, it is always beneficial when a parent/guardian engages in their own personal growth especially when there may be issues arising for you child. How you process your stress has a great impact on how you relate and engage with stressful situations, particularly within the family. You can find out more here if you wish to go on your own growth journey
  • How much is it to attend?
    Three session programme is €300 – payment plan available One off session is €120

Ready to go grow?

Success Stories

What a journey! Barry has a way of helping you feel comfortable with the inner work, while still going deep and getting to the root of the issue. He won’t let you get away with anything (which I love) because he knows its for your highest good, your self growth and to be honest for living your best life!


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